10 Mistakes People Make When Buying Clothes!

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to talk about some mistakes that I’ve noticed people make when buying clothes, I hope this will help to make your shopping trip a little bit easier!

1. Not giving yourself enough time before an event:


I have seen this SO. MANY. TIMES.  you have an event coming up and you pop into the shop to get something to wear at the last minute.  Sometimes it works out but mostly you end up a sweaty mess in a fitting room, stressed out and not wanted to even attend the event.  Sometimes you rush buy something and end up NEVER wearing it again (holla how many of you have done this – I know I have).

Give yourself time to browse around and fit on a few options, preferably a few days before hand.  You could even take a photo of each outfit and that way you have time to go away and think about each outfit and see which you prefer, which you will wear again and which you will get the best value from.

2. Not Wanting To Alter:


Again, this is one I have seen so often. I think as Irish people we just don’t like the idea of having to spend anything extra when buying clothes. The most important thing to understand about the manufacturing process is that each company have a block or a set of dimensions they use for each size that they make and each item is cut to that block.  This means that each item in a size is identical in all the dimensions to every single other item that is cut in that size.

Now think about your size, your dimensions, how does that compare to someone else who is the same size as you?  None of us are exactly the same and things will fit us all differently.  Embrace the dressmaker!  I totally understand that if you are spending a lot of money on something you don’t want to have to spend more to alter it, but on the other hand, you are spending a lot of money on something, isn’t it better to have it right?

3. Not Asking For Help:


OK, we have all done it, go into a shop and avoid all eye contact, don’t speak and don’t pass go, just in case the over friendly shop assistant will force you something to buy you don’t even like! BUT, if you take away only one thing from reading this it should be to ask for help, especially if you are shopping for something important, like a pair of jeans or an outfit for an occasion. The sales assistant will have a wealth of knowledge about each product they stock.  The chances are they have seen the item on a few people and will know who it will suit.

In my case I like to try items when they come into the shop to see what the fit is like so I can tell people.  If I have something myself I can tell you how comfortable it is or how it washed. In my own personal experience I try to be as honest as I can, because its in my interest that you look good!  I know in some stores the assistants can be pushy but I try not to be like that and I’d love to show you what styles I have and what might suit you best.  And you can ALWAYS say no, I will never be offended if you don’t like something.

4. Not Having The Time To Try On:


This is probably one of the most common things I hear every day, “I don’t have time to try it on but I’m sure it will be fine!”  And can you guess the main items that come back because they didn’t suit or end up in a bottom drawer never to be worn?  It just makes life easier if you can take the few minutes to try an item on and make sure it suits.  I mean there are certain items, like socks, that you will never need to try but for the main part its better to be sure!



I am going to start this point by saying this is my pet hate! I have so, so, so often heard, “well I don’t have a great bra on” or “well if I had better knickers”.  OK, I understand that sometimes you pop into a shop and see something you like and you don’t always have your best bra on and that’s OK but when it comes time to go shopping for a big purchase it is so important to wear the type of underwear that you would wear with that outfit.  If you normally wear shape ware under a dress to a wedding then bring the shape ware to the shop to buy it so you can try it on with the outfit.  If you always wear a thong under your jeans then don’t go trying on in your Bridget Jones undies!  I would also suggest wearing nude coloured underwear, that way no matter what you try on the underwear won’t distract from it and you can get a better idea of what it will look like.

6. Shopping In A Bad Mood:


This also goes for when you feel sick, your hungry or your tired, and it is just never going to work!  When your in a bad mood, no matter what you see, you won’t like it.  When you feel bad about yourself you will find faults with the clothes and yourself and you will only end up making yourself feel worse! You are just better off to leave it and come back another day!


7. You Bring To Many People:


This is another very common thing people do, especially when shopping for a big occasion.  Did you ever hear the expression “too many cooks spoil the broth”?  When you have a lot of people, you have a lot of opinions and you can be sure not everyone will agree.  Things get confusing, fast.  My advise would be to pick one person to bring with you, but it is equally important who you pick.  If your “friend” is always putting you down or making rude comments about you, or if your mother is constantly telling you that you need to loose weight – then they are not the person to bring! (I’ve witnessed this first hand and its not pleasant for anyone involved). Bring someone who you know will be honest with you but will do it in a nice way!

8. You are not open minded:


When you go into a shop with a very definite idea of what you want with no flexibility you might end up being disappointed.  Being open minded and taking suggestions from the sales assistant, as I mentioned earlier, is much more likely to lead to success.  Like I did say in my earlier point, the sales assistant will have seen items on, they will know what body shapes suit what items.  They might know a style will suit you that you would never dream of trying before.  Besides what’s the worst that can happen from trying on a new style?

9. Settling:


Sometimes we will pick an item despite a flaw because we think we can make it work, we have all bought jeans that give us a muffin top thinking “oh i’ll wear a loose top” or a top that’s a bit lower than your comfortable with because you can’t get anything else. When you are rushed for time, you don’t have good people with you, your tired or you don’t ask for advise, you sometimes end up settling for something because “it will do”.  These end up being items in our wardrobe that we resist wearing because we don’t feel good in them.  They will be the items hanging in the back of our wardrobe gathering dust. Don’t settle!

10. You Buy Into Old Fashioned Beliefs:

Don’t wear stripes. No white in winter. Don’t mix black and navy. Don’t mix prints.  Who made all these rules?  Forget everything you thought you know about fashion rules because there are NO RULES! Fashion should be an expression of your personality, it should reflect you, your creativity.  Wear what YOU like, what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable in – forget the rest!


So that’s my top 10 tips for your next shopping trip, in the few hours it took me to compile this list I had 3 people come into the shop doing something from this list!  Will we ever change?  Do you have any other tips or have you done any of these things?  Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,





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