10 ways to tie a blanket scarf

Hello and welcome to my second blog post!  Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you all for the likes and the lovely comments about me and my shop, you filled me with so much love and support! It’s nice to hear that you are doing something right and that people do like what you are doing!  Times are tough and it’s hard to know which direction to go, so thank you all!

In this blog I wanted to tackle a question I get asked all the time; how do I wear this scarf?  In truth, there are thousands of ways you can tie a scarf depending on how creative you want to be, how much time you have, the type of scarf you have etc.

For the moment, I’m going to talk about the blanket scarf, since they are the hot trend at the minute and because of the season we are in!  The blanket scarf can be a tricky one for some people because of the sheer volume of the scarf but I do have a few nice options in the shop that aren’t quite as bulky! The scarf I’m using in the images is available in the this colour, wine/navy and also in grey /black and it is €16.99.

  1. The “basic wrap around

basic wrap

Here you will see I’m using a really chunky scarf and I have just wrapped it once around the neck, leaving the ends loose.  This is the most standard way that we probably wear any kind of scarf.  This is easy and quick, you don’t need to think about it and its perfect for running out the door in a hurry.  However, next you will see how one small twist can make a huge difference to how it looks and can make you more put together looking.

2. The “basic wrap around tie

wrap with tie

In this look I just tied the end of the scarf to make it a little more cozy!  I love the way this looks and it stops the scarf from slipping. You can also pull the wrap around part down, as I did in this image, to hide the knot and really smarten up the look.

3. The “necklace scarf”

In the next look, I have started with the same basic wrap around look from the first look but this time I wrapped the ends of the scarf around itself.  This almost transforms the scarf to a necklace look.  This way would be perfect for a really dressy coat that you want to show off or a smart top.  It’s also perfect for a day time look when you want to leave on your scarf all day but don’t want it hanging down and getting in your way.


4. The Pull Through:

The next look is probably the second most popular way I see people wearing a scarf, if your scarf isn’t to chunky this is a nice, easy way to wear it. Simply double your scarf and pull the ends through the loop.

douple loop

5. The French Twist:

This next one is no doubt my favorite way to tie a scarf.  It secures it so it won’t come undone when you’re wearing it all day.  It sits nice and neat and you can adjust to be as tight or loose as you want.  Plus it is so cute looking and will work with ANY scarf. Start with a doubled scarf, tuck one end through the loop, twist the loop and pop the second end through the new loop.

french twist

6. The Wrap and Tuck:

wrap and tuck

This is a really nice way to wear a scarf on a cold day or if you feel a bit exposed in a low button coat.  Here I did a wrap around from the first look, keeping one end short and one end really long.  Then I simply tucked the long end into the wrap on the opposite side.

7. The drape:

basic drape

As easy as it gets! Just pop it around your neck and let it hang!  This is great for self conscious days when you want to cover up!

8. The drape and Belt:

drape and belt.jpg

This is a really easy way to transform a scarf.  This is such a dressy look and it would easily work instead of a cardigan if you were stuck! I started with a drape, pulled it down over the shoulders and added a belt.  So easy.

9. The basic tie:

basic Tie

Another really easy look, this is another quick one for running out the door in a hurry.  Drape and tie, simple!

10. The One Shoulder Flick:

For my last look I have another really simple but cute way to wear your blanket scarf.  This time I draped the scarf around the neck, leaving one side long and one short and I just threw the long end over the opposite shoulder!  This would be a nice way to wear a scarf for a night out instead of a coat, giving you warmth but looking stylish!

one shoulder fling

I’d love to hear which way is your favorite and maybe I didn’t include the way you wear your scarf?  Let me know in the comments what you think.  If you would like me to do a more detailed tutorial feel free to comment and let me know, or pop into the shop and I’d be happy to show you!

Until next week,

Siobhan xxx


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