My First Blog Post!

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is my first ever time posting anything like this so please be kind with me.  I’m hoping to create some interesting fashion related content for you in order to make shopping easier and more enjoyable! I hope I can offer some tips and tricks to guide you, to show you how to style outfits or how to wear certain trends.

First though, a bit about me and what I do. My name is Siobhan, I’m 34 and I live in Roscommon.  I’m married to Damien for 8 years and we have 3 fur babies, a dog called Max and 2 guinea pigs called Poppy and Lilly. We like to be silly and enjoy life as much as we can! (as you can see from this picture)


I love fashion, beauty, make up, interior design and all things beautiful.  I get my love of fashion from my mum, Josie, who also has a boutique in Roscommon, called Satara.  She’s been in business for 24 years and is a massive inspiration to me.  I started out working with mum in the shop when I was 10 years old and my love of this industry has grown from there.  I have 2 sisters, Claire and Fiona (neither are in fashion). Claire is an engineer and Fiona is a scientist.

This is my shop, its in the Harrison Center which is in Roscommon town.


I stock mostly My Hailys brand, which is a German brand.  My Hailys is affordable, quality fashion brand that offer trendy clothing for real women! They make sizes XS to XXL which is about 6/8 to 14/16.  (The fit would be my only gripe with this label) I love the label, they are so nice to deal with and they have a wonderful mix of “trendy” and everyday clothes, which means everyone will find something to wear.  The winter collection is so strong and I’m finding every new style is nicer than the last! That does make it hard to stick to my budget when I’m buying but I don’t mind!

I love to try out new trends, see new colours and be adventurous with clothes.  I’m always looking for new ways to wear old pieces of clothing I already have or to match it up with something I didn’t think of.  I’m sure I don’t always get it right but I sure do have fun trying it out.  I think fashion should be personal and not always about whats “in” that season.  If that trend happens to suit you or be a style you want to try out then great, if not you shouldn’t feel the need to conform! I also think fashion should be acessable to everyone, that’s why I love the My Hailys brand, it means you can try out a new colour or style without breaking the bank. Fashion shouldn’t be contained by age either, as long as it suits your shape and is apprioate for the occation, I think if you like it wear it!

So that was a bit about me and about my shop, I’d love to know what you thought of my first blog post?


Siobhan xxx



  1. Hailys is my go-to shop when I want to treat myself to a gorgeous new trendy item, Siobhan is really lovely, always greets with a smile, always very helpful and happy to chat. The clothes are gorgeous, budget friendly and Siobhan has a great variety available. If you want to walk a little bit taller wearing something that makes you feel like a celebrity without going bankrupt then definitely visit Siobhan in Hailys, you won’t regret it! Good luck in the new premises Siobhan, no doubt I’ll be seeing you soon 😊

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